The goal of this project - Life And the Stock Market -  is to show you that
every person can 'enjoy' the stock market ! 
There is no reason to be fearful.

Get rid of fear. 
Discover this exciting world : the stock market

That is the message I want to broadcast...

Online, I read the following : 

     "The 10% of people who profit consistently from the stock market have a well-crafted game plan
      before investing (trading).  The rest chooses to invest (trade) their money without having a game plan."

Do you have a game plan ?                                               

My name is Franky. 
I run the family farm and I manage my stock positions.
That is what I do. 
That's my professional life ...

Over the years I put together a way to participate in the stock market (= game plan) that

     gives me peace of mind *
     is easy to apply **
     has the potential of large profits ***

                                                                  * see below

.... without having to spend a lot of time in front of a screen. 

Life is way too short for that.  Don't you think ?

                                                         Learn about my game plan

                                                         Send me an email

I'm willing to show you how I think and act.
Feel free to send me an email if you would like to receive more information
about my game plan.

My email address is :

*      peace of mind :  develop a routine and stick to it
**    easy to apply :  you don't need software, no technical indicators are used ,
                               time efficient , stocks only : no options or futures
***  potential of large profits :  even if you are a conservative person

Be aware of the life changing opportunities the stock market has to offer !

I have a lot of fun on the stock market, and I would love for you to join me !


About Franky
I run the family farm and
My gameplan in 3 words : unique vision, timeless and time efficient
Graduated as an agricultural engineer from Ghent University , currently ranked
#125 in the QS World University Rankings
Happy married and a father of 3.
Bruges - Belgium

My email address is :

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