Dear stock investor / trader ,

--->  Our goal is to "get in sync with the smart money" !
        Let me tell you why ... see point 3 below

The best way to introduce "Life and the Stock Market" will be with a bit of Q&A.

1.  How did "Life and the Stock Market" start ?

It started with a trading experiment : "Can I make money trading stocks ?"

As the saying goes : "If you don't try, you 'll never know."  So I went for it.

At the start of this experiment I was rather reluctant.  I didn't think it would be a positive experience.

But I was wrong : 9 months later the return was positive.  

2.  What did you learn from your trading experiment ?

The major idea that I got from this trading experiment was that there are footprints of "smart money's" buying action "readable/visible" in the stock charts.
These footprints are what I call " signs buying pressure".
I gradually paid more attention to these signs. 

Nowadays my stock positions are more "in sync with the money making minority" - the so-called smart money. 

3. Why is this so important?

If you focus on ... "signs of BUYING PRESSURE"

   you become more "in sync with the smart money"

   you increase your chances

   and probably your profits .....

4.  What service do you offer ?
I launched a stock picking service based on the concept of "signs of buying pressure".

Subscription rate now is at 57 USD/26 weeks.
You can receive a free example.  Just send me an email.

Your free example includes an interesting link on the subject of "investment approaches and returns".
I think this is a must read, both for the 'investor type' and the 'trader type'.
5.  I would like to subscribe.  How does it work?
Approximately each week , I select a US listed stock where I see at least 3 "signs of buying pressure" in the last 20 trading days. 
Furthermore the selected stock has at least 2 "interesting" fundamental characteristics, for example low PEG ratio, EPS growth, insider buying, high return on equity...
This way I combine investing with active management ( = trading).

The stock that looks most promising is selected. 
This is my "stock in focus", meaning that I 'm planning to buy shares within 5 trading days.

If you would like to know the name of the "stock in focus", you could choose to subscribe.
Subscribers receive approximately one email each week with the name of my "stock in focus".
Emails are spread over 26 weeks - minimum 20 emails.  This is less than 3 USD for 1 "stock in focus" !

If you are interested, you can email me at

6.  Try it free ?!  Can I receive an example? 
Yes, send an email to lifeandthestockmarket(at) and you will receive the name of the next "stock in focus".  Please put 'free stock in focus' in the email subject line.
Your free example includes an interesting link on the subject of "investment approaches and returns".
I think this is a must read, both for the 'investor type' and the 'trader type'.

7.  What makes Life and the Stock Market's stock picking service unique?
*  Focus on the smart money's action
*  Selected stock has at least 2 "interesting" fundamental characteristics
*  I trade shares of the selected stock myself
*  Low subscription fee
*  Independent research
*  This is not a blog, this is not about writing articles, it is about results.
*  The complete fee you pay in exchange for my work will be donated to the foundation that takes care of the buildings on our farm.  The history of this farm goes back all the way to 1334, and the oldest still standing buildings here were built in 1630 and are listed as protected monuments.

Thank you for your time and interest in my work.  I'm convinced that the concept "signs of BUYING PRESSURE" is useful for every market participant.

Sincerely ,


About Frans
I run the family farm and I manage my stock positions. 
My focus is on "signs of buying pressure".  Independent research. is a personal project.
Graduated as an agricultural engineer.
Happy married and a father of 3.

My email address is :

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