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Dear Colleague,

Do you know you can improve your results by paying attention to the Smart Money ?  *

That is what I experienced.

             * The so-called smart money is perceived as being invested
                by people who have a better understanding of the market. 
                Source :

Find out what the Smart Money  ( =  money making minority) is doing !

The advantages are : 

            your investing / trading is more strategic
            you play tailwinds
            you increase your chances
            and probably your profits

I search for the footprints of the smart money.  Sometimes it is easy to see
that smart money is buying ( accumulating) a certain stock. 
And that is exactly the moment when I get interested in buying shares of that particular stock.

Ask for a free example and you will receive my next stock pick .  Give it a try.
Your free example includes a special bonus about investment approaches and returns.

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How to receive a free example  ?
You can email me at
Please put 'free example' in the email subject line.

I'm convinced that the concept "Smart Money" is useful for every market participant.
Use it to your advantage.  Improve your stock picking. 
Focus on the smart money buying action and join the money making minority.

Sincerely ,

Frans Danneels

About me
I run the family farm and I manage my stock positions. is a personal project with a focus on "Smart Money Buying Action".
          Your contribution is a donation to a Foundation that takes care of the buildings on our farm. 
          The history of this farm goes back all the way to 1334.
          The oldest still standing buildings here were built in 1630 and are listed as protected monuments.
Graduated as an agricultural engineer.
Happy married and a father of 3.

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